Carnival of Consciousness

You can call AFROPUNK’s Carnival of Consciousness a festival if you want — but that wouldn’t be exactly right, at least not by the definitions of “festival” developed over the last decade. Is it a conference, retreat, salon, seminar, a rave- a happening, think-tank, a maneuver? Yes, to all of the above. We prefer to think of the Carnival as a new type of open cultural space and gathering of like-minded people.

The Carnival of Consciousness is a weekend-long congregation of producers, supporters, allies and consumers of black culture that will feature a schedule of music, art, film, lectures and the honest expression of youthful black concerns by leading contemporary voices.

Friday night we’ll kick off the weekend with AFROPUNK’s historic Fancy Dress Ball updated for a touch of J’ouvert (West Indian carnival atmosphere). By incorporating J’ouvert traditions, we will connect to our history of giving colonialism the middle finger and finding freedom in identity and one’s physical body.

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With a mix of music, art and politics, don’t just join the party – join the movement.



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