The San Antonio duo of Nick Long and Travis Hild crafts emotionally heavy, desert blues-rock,
sometimes possessed by the delirious clarity of a vision quest, sometimes grungy and swampy.

Lonely Horse’s songs seethe and churn like a massive snake with no escape from a summertime tin roof garage. In the live setting, as has been captured admirably well on its records, the band is as furious as it is enchanting, exploding in the kinetic energy that the spiritual immediacy of its songs generates. This mustang can gracefully gallop just as well as it can serenely saunter or rudely rage forth.

With Hild on drums and Long leading the charge as principal songwriter, singer, and guitarist, Lonely Horse has released two EPs (My Desert Son, Death to Our Death) and one LP (Desert Sons) since its start in 2009. Recently, certain real life events compelled the band to release the fierce yet reflective single “Devil in the White House.”

DJ Jamad
Stefan Ringer