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The AFROPUNK movement is pushing music and fashion forward. Here’s how it’s leveraging social and new media to democratize access and accelerate the exchange of images and ideas.

It was the 11th year of Afropunk, now held in Commodore Barry Park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, a two-day festival of black arts and culture that started from underground energies in punk, hip-hop and much else.

The Afropunk Festival took place over the weekend at Commodore Barry Park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, presenting the most impressive lineup in its 11-year history.

An estimated 60,000 people came together at the 11th annual Afropunk Fest to watch headliners Lenny Kravitz, Grace Jones, and Lauryn Hill in Brooklyn, New York. “Afropunk is pretty much one of the ultimate voices for young black free thinkers” …

Afropunk’s eleventh annual music festival—which attracted an unprecedented number of iconoclasts to Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park—brought this past weekend was style with a same sense of immediacy and purpose.

There’s a reason the main stage was flanked by two giant flags, bearing that list of rules: No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, and finally, No Hatefulness – Afropunk is meant to be the ultimate inclusive space.

If there is any music festival where black men, women, boys and girls can be their carefree, cool and creative selves, it’s at AfroPunk Fest. The annual festival this past weekend attracted thousands of innately stylish people from all backgrounds…

The afternoon at the renowned Brooklyn event was studded with electric performances by Lion Babe and SZA, up-and-coming artists that fit perfectly into the event’s alternative aesthetic.

More than a music festival, AFROPUNK is a part of black culture. It is a place where black people are able to express the full diversity of their lived experiences. This year was no different, and festival-goers of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes were in attendance.

The Afropunk Fest encompasses music, socio-cultural politics and a kaleidoscopically colorful wardrobe. But to hear it from its earliest champions, it’s way more than that. “You are there to wave your freak flag high.”

While the festival’s lineups have been consistently dope since its 2002 founding, there are some big changes in store for Afropunk this year… we’re glad to see Afropunk keep up its tradition of subversive spirit and substantive, electrifying lineups.

Afropunk encompasses music, sociocultural politics and a kaleidoscopically colorful wardrobe. But to hear it from its earliest champions, it’s way more than that.