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AFROPUNK is an influential community of young people of all backgrounds speaking through music, art, film, lifestyle sports, fashion, photography, and more. We are the influencers, creatives, and tastemakers who were once seen as outsiders, but who now directly affect pop culture.


Afro: as in, born of African spirit and heritage; see also black (not always), see also rhythm and color, see also other, see also underdog.

Punk: as in, rebel, opposing the simple route, imbued with a DIY ethic, looking forward with simplicity, rawness and open curiosity; see also other, see also underdog.

AFROPUNK is defining culture by the collective creative actions of the individual and the group. It is a safe place, a blank space to freak out in, to construct a new reality, to live your life as you see fit, while making sense of the world around you.



We are the largest integrated media platform giving voice to the unwritten, unwelcome and unseen, we are redefining the modern multicultural experience globally.

Our mission is to unleash freedom of expression, and honor the power of individuality while strengthening our community.


Millennials of all musical tastes and walks of life, moving in one direction for the promise of something greater; creating history in the process, and intersections between different music genres and the cultures that surround them. Originating with the 2003 documentary that highlighted a Black presence in the American punk scene, AFROPUNK has evolved into a platform for the alternative and experimental. Today, AFROPUNK is the world’s #1 destination for alternative Black culture, reaching 14 million people weekly across our social media platforms and 100,000+ internationally at our festivals and events.

Is the festival rain or shine?

Sure is! No rainchecks here.
*Artists subject to change

Are there refunds?

No, all ticket sales are final.

When and where is it held?

When: August 25th and 26th
Where: Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn, NY.

When is the performance schedule released?

Coming soon.

How much does the festival costs?

Check out our ticketing page for a full list of ticket options.

What kind of ID do I need to purchase drinks or pick up tickets? What if my ID is expired?

Only valid (non-expired) government-issued photo IDs will be accepted.

Is the festival accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes. Check back soon for info on our ADA Accessibility guidelines.

Will there be food available?

Yes and it will be scrumptious.

What about vegetarian/kosher items?

We love vegetarian and kosher food so there will be plenty of options! Check back for updates on what delicious vegetarian/kosher bites will be available.

Will you have merch for sale?

Festival t-shirts, limited edition posters, hats, you name it. Artist merch will also be available there.

Who do I contact about volunteering?

Check back for updates on how you can volunteer.

How can my company become a sponsor?

Contact jc@afropunk.com.

What is the re-entry policy?

All exits are final

What can I bring?

– Small purses and clear bags
– One recyclable container for water (not two, or three, or four, or any number above one)

What can I NOT bring?

– Weapons (guns, knives, or any weapons)
– Large backpacks, book bags or non-transparent bags over hand size (any bag that is not clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and over 12”x6”x12” in size will not be allowed)
– Food and drink (other than a single recyclable water container)
– Alcohol
– Illegal substances of any kind
– Umbrellas (rain or beach)
– Coolers or picnic baskets
– Lawn chairs
– Lasers
– Pets (service dogs will be permitted)
– Scooters or personalized motorized vehicles (that includes hoverboards)
– Detachable lens cameras
– Audio recording equipment
– Video recording equipment
– Remote controlled vehicles or aircraft, including drones
– No unauthorized vendors will be permitted
– No solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.

Will I be searched upon entry?

Yup, festival security will search all persons and bags prior to entry. Please review the prohibited items list if you aren’t sure whether or not you can bring something.

Are outlets the only charging available? Where else can I charge my phone?

In addition to limited outlets, portable chargers will be available through our sponsor partner, Electric Standard. Attendees can now charge on the go! To learn more about unlimited exchanges and pre-orders, visit AFROPUNK x Electric Standard.


Is the Festival accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes. ADA entrance is located at the Main Entrance on Park Ave and Navy St . ADA patrons may also enter at N. Elliot & Flushing Gate. There are designated viewing areas within the festival.. Please let us know if you need assistance.

Where do I get my accessible pass?

Accessible Passes may be requested at the box office or at the Guest Services Booth inside the event.

Am I allowed to have service animals?

Service animals are allowed, however, dogs must be on a leash at all times and shots up to date. Please remind patrons that DB levels are high near the stages and to be aware.

Where are accessible porta potties?

Accessible porta potties can be found throughout the grounds at Red, Gold, Green and Pink stage areas. Refer to the map for where the ADA Bathrooms are. If you can find a bathroom, there is an ADA bathroom near by!

Where are accessible areas ?

Please visit the box office or info booth on arrival for ADA information. You can also email guestservices@afropunk.com for more information. There are accessible viewing areas inside the event. Please understand that there is still standing room in the front of this area, so it may be difficult to see. However, our staff is available to help to the best of their ability in offering you an accessible viewing spot.