Liberation Sessions

Long before, 30,000 people were showing up each day at the AFROPUNK festival at Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park, the Liberation Sessions were regular, intimate gatherings of the nascent AFROPUNK community at neighborhood clubs and hangs around new York City, featuring live music and DJs, and a lot of real talk. These parties formed bonds, the crucible in which the core of the AFROPUNK community was forged and its worldly point-of-view activated. Now, we’re bringing the Liberation Sessions back National Sawdust to build upon those gains.

The Liberation Sessions is a regular event that mixes music, media, activism and camaraderie, touching upon the sounds and issues that are galvanizing the AFROPUNK community. It will be musically diverse, media- and platform-agnostic, and most of all, unapologetically black. The primary goal of these intimate gatherings will be a more flowing exchange of ideas. Curation of the Liberation Sessions will be handled by AFROPUNK and its community.

Liberation Sessions #1, on Monday, August 27 will feature a showcase of great young artists from South Africa, a country whose rich musical scene is finally beginning to explode around the world. The night of DJ sets and live performances will include sounds by DJ Lag, one of the undisputed pioneers of Durban’s Gqom movement; Okzharp & Manthe Ribane, a producer-and-vocalist duo who explore edges of electronic music that are both experimental and soulful; the poet/rapper Sho Madjozi; and selections by Phatstoki, a photographer who is also the founder of the great Pussy Party in Johannesburg.