Brandon Paak Anderson, better known by his stage name Anderson .Paak, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, producer and virtuoso drummer. Anderson was born into a Black/Korean family in Oxnard, California in 1986.

Anderson .Paak’s first experience as a musician was performing as a drummer at his family’s church. Subsequently, he then began producing music from his bedroom as a teenager. While defining his own unique sound, Anderson worked as studio-musician-for-hire–amongst other jobs–ultimately landing a gig as the touring drummer for American Idol contestant, Haley Reinhart.

Anderson .Paak is best known for his features on (8) out of (16) tracks on critically-acclaimed artist and world-renowned record producer, Dr. Dre’s latest Grammy nominated album Compton. An article from L.A. Weekly in October of 2015 proclaimed that Anderson .Paak had “stole[n] the spotlight” on Dr. Dre’s Compton, and that he is now poised and “ready for solo success.”

His musical range and artistry is a unique blend of R&B, 70‘s Soul, Hip-Hop, EDM, Funk and Rock n’ Roll.  His recognizable vocal abilities deliver smoldering tones combined with uncommon gritty expressionism that is eortlessly blended into a straight-from-the-street-narrative rhyme style which steadily floats over the airy tracks. Anderson’s tenaciously composed melodies, intelligent lyrical songwriting abilities, witty ad-libs (“Yes Lawd!”) and clever hooks, pair perfectly with the production texture and extraterrestrial soundscapes.

Raphael Saadiq