”In 2019 Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber will celebrate two decades of ‘never playing anything the same way once’. As always we give tribute to our sonic Sensei, The Maestro Lawrence Butch Morris (1947–2013) for showing us THE WAY of Conducted Improvisation. Over the course of 18 albums we’ve covered a broad panopoly of styles and genres. Consider BSAC’s “20th Anniversary Mixtapes Groiddest Schizznits Volume One, Two and Three,” as 2019 invitational samplers–AstroBlack stargates to our many-splendored darkly energetic & celestial realm of cosmic riddim, esoteric rambunction, eclectic blue cheer & Oh …The Utter Negrocity Of It All.

Founded by Village Voice icon Greg “Ionman” Tate and co-led with Dayton Ohio monster groove bassist Jared Michael Nickerson, Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber is a sprawling band of musicians whose prodigious personnel allows them to freely juggle a wide swath of the experimental soul-jazz-hip hop spectrum. As Tate likes to say “The Burnt Sugar Arkestra is also a territory band, a neo-tribal thang, a community hang, a society music guild aspiring to the condition of all that is molten, glacial, racial, spacial, oceanic, mythic, antiphonal andtelepathic.” With an alumni that includes Matana Roberts, Vijay Iyer, Julia Kent, Graham Hayes, DJ Mutamassik, Okkyung Lee and Qasim Naqvi and a current crew featuring Mikel Banks, Shelley Nicole, Mazz Swift, James “Biscuit” Rouse, Julie Brown, Ben Tyree, Andre Lassalle, Bruce Mack, Leon Gruenbaum, V. Jeffrey Smith, Avram Fefer, Dave ”Smoota” Smith, “Moist Paula” Henderson, JS Williams, Lewis “Flip” Barnes, Chris Eddleton, LaFrae Sci, Gregory Gonzales and Jason DiMatteo … Burnt Sugar’s prestigious personnel have released eighteen recordings on their labels Tru Groidd & AvantGroidd Musica defining the art of creating scripted-sounding improvisational acid-funk/rock & jazz with the use of ButchMorris’s “Conduction” System for Orchestral Improvisation in order to as Tate also says “keep it real, surreal, arboreal, aquatic, incendiary.”