Angela Davis, Nona Hendryx, Felicia Collins, Helga Davis, Kat Dyson, Kimberly Nichole, Nova Twins, SATE, Sophia Urista,
Musicians Kiki Hawkins, Ganessa James, Juliette Jones, Kim Jordan, Allison Miller, Shelley Nicole












Black Women of Rock! Innovators, Pioneers, Hybrid making magicians. From the water of the blues, field hollers, and intentional mapping a trail to freedom through spirituals, to patterned step mastery and sway. Big hearted, eyes focused, brain expanding survivalist. Gourd beating language carriers, human hard drive holders of long ago prayers still activated. Ground planting determination and wisdom. Black Woman Music adds her own particular mastery to the creation of the genre of music we call Rock and Roll.

I don’t know if the 20th century was ever ready for Black Woman Freedom. Black Woman Voice. Black Woman entrepreneurship, but the end of the 19th century should have been a hint to what was coming.
This fiery burst of new Black Woman businesses came like a wave from the south and all across the land. Our voices, our need for freedom and our need to have the life we knew we could have turned our dreams real.

A country built on slavery, violence, the stealing of the womb and the denial of it’s own people will always have to be tended with and moved forward until the idea of chains on bodies looses it’s institutional home. Black women have been relentless in this charge. The music that came up at the end of the 19th century produced the 20th centuries biggest stars. A merger between the new transportation of free Black bodies and the technology of radio and the ability to record sound and duplicate the recordings. Blues legends, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Mary Lou Williams led the way. As the genres of blues, and Jazz, took shape so came gospel out of the sacred music of Black people. As they dared to write hymns not just from scripture but from their hearts. Blues poetry gave freedom to desire, and we here and not going nowhere intention. Music and Dance freed the bodies and voices of Black people and the world listened and learned. But the institution of slavery not legal still created a foundation of oppression and Black Women were still held to this idea of not being equal and the assumption was and maybe is we will carry the load bearing work for everyone else. Our skill, our stories, our know how always under ownership.

There is a reason for the holler, for the Wail and the moan. There is a reason for loud beats, cymbal crashes, The grind and deep earth shattering pulse of an organ. As the 20th century crept along the electric guitar was picked up by Memphis Minnie and later Sister Rosetta Tharpe played a gold Les Paul merging the multiple genres into one clear sound. There is a reason for a guitar that is electric, and amps that can broadcast that sound across of spectrum of sonic solutions. The microphone – A big ass PA. Speaker stacks taller than house- Sound that travels miles past the crowd all the way across the land. This thing Rock- meets us in a good place. Expels the inside voice once hidden sets her free. Rock and Roll is a part of Black Womans Music.

The AFROPUNK 2018 Power Jam brings together some of todays rising stars, established giants, and living legends to use their voices to shine an arch from the past to the now and turn to our future. Black Women intention makes clear that at this start of the 21st century we are fueling every aspect of living and connection to the earth. Our music is still our vibrating signature on the freedom line.

Toshi Reagon

Coco & Breezy
Cx Kidtronik