Economy for Good

Chip’N and AFROPUNK ARMY are providing a unique opportunity for you to earn a ticket to AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2017. Consistent with AFROPUNK ARMY’s mission to promote volunteerism and social change, Chip’N provides an opportunity to utilize technology to mobilize people and help effect change in their communities. Chip’N, an”Economy for Good”, allows individuals to volunteer and participate in various AFROPUNK ARMY community projects and in exchange receive tickets to the festival.

Chip’N is an “Economy for Good” and the first app to tackle social impact challenges by connecting individuals with opportunities to work on community projects and reward them with “Chips” that can be spent in an online marketplace.

Download the app CLICK HERE

Create an ChipN account or sign in with Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin
**Please note: If you are signing in with your social media account, make sure you have access to the email linked to that account.

Once you have created your account, click the “VOLUNTEER” button to begin your search for service projects! Remember 8hrs of volunteer service or 256 Chips unlock your tickets to AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2017!