What They’re Saying

AFROPUNK’s a rare festival where everyone in attendance is on the same page and yes – that is because most of the attendees are black. What makes AFROPUNK special is that it respects its audience – from promoting rising local talents to supporting local black businesses by giving them an area to set up shop. AFROPUNK is a celebration of blackness and it was beautiful to see that in action.

Not only is Afropunk vibrantly political and anti all forms of nastiness, it’s also one hell of a good day out, with great, important artists, brilliant music, thought-provoking art and exceptionally decent food. A celebration of individuality, but also of collective power, here’s to its imminent return in the UK – and the hope that other festivals, events, venues and gigs, take on board its powerful message.

AFROPUNK London was a much needed celebration of blackness and diversity.

The atmosphere on the day was welcoming, and the championing of diversity was clear and powerful!

At AFROPUNK you will see some of the most beautiful people you’ve ever laid eyes on, with the most innovative hairstyles and fashion choices to boot.