Monday 3rd September


In order to be creative, successful and liberated, you have to get your mind right. Mental wellness, wholeness and focus takes time, hard work and energy. We discuss the issues around mental illness in the Black community, the stigma around mental health, and how we can heal ourselves and our community. A dialogue with mental health professionals, activist and advocates.

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Art Exhibition at 198 Gallery

Exhibition info soon come.

About 198 Gallery
198 contemporary arts and learning’s mission is to nurture and support the career of emerging, under-represented artists and to advance public interest in the visual arts. Founded in 1988, 198’s motivation initially focused on the need to provide a platform for afro-caribbean and asian artists as part of the black arts movement. For nearly 30 years this work has evolved and continued to develop with projects that consider the work and study of emerging cultural identities, through exhibitions, workshops, education projects and critical debate with artists, thinkers, activists, young people and local and artistic communities. We advocate for diversity within the visual arts and provide opportunities for those wishing to develop careers in the creative and cultural industries.