BULL DOFF was born in 2010 at the turn of a meeting, that of two creators Laure Tarot & Baay Sooley , in a city they like to call their refuge: Dakar.

City in perpetual mutation, animated by a singular and incessant urban trance producer of ideas, desires, it will naturally become the source of fundamental inspiration of the brand.

The street in everyday life, made up of those who live in a young and modern Africa, both rooted and changing, but also this cultural miscegenation that they represent together, like the Senegalese capital that gave birth to them, are undoubtedly the artistic signature of these two storytellers.

Because, more than dress, they tell us stories, their stories.

Loving to divert materials and certain codes, daring to bring together or break, mix and re-invent, they give a meaning both aesthetic and narrative to what they offer us to wear, see and hear.

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